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This is the page where we were going to get Scraggs to tell you all about himself but you won’t be surprised to learn that he is out and about, getting up to mischief! This means that we’ll need to lend a paw in telling you all about Scraggs and the non-stop action that this dog gets up to.

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Scraggs the cartoon dog first bounded into our life way back in 1995 and he has been a joy to be around ever since. He may have exasperated his owners on a good number of occasions and made the neighbours feeling rather crossed on occasions but show us a dog that has never caused trouble and we’ll show you a dog that has never lived. The best thing about Scraggs is that he manages to capture the vitality and energy of so many dogs all around the world and we think this is part of the reason why so many people end up loving him.

Dog cartoons are loved across the board

Dog cartoons work on so many levels. They instantly appeal to dog lovers that can’t get enough of the funny antics that dogs get up to. They appeal to people who for any reason cannot own a dog but love the antics and sense of excitement that dogs can provide in life. There is also the fact that you don’t actually have to be a big fan of dogs to enjoy dog cartoon images, the sense of humour in the number of scrapes and situations that Scraggs finds himself in can be enough for many people.

One of the best things about dog cartoon characters, and definitely one of the best things about Scraggs is the fact that he can say and think all of the things that humans can think but won’t get away with saying. Having a shaggy tail and a big wet nose is often a licence for mischief and Scraggs uses this to his advantage. Whether it is getting into places where he shouldn’t be, sneaking extra snacks or between meals or being part of the family while casually reminding them all who the real boss of the house is, Scraggs is the top dog around these parts and doesn’t he know it!

Scraggs the dog laid in an armchair. Who's the boss? I am of course! Dog cartoon, dogs cartoons, funny dog images

Not that you should think that Scraggs lets the power go to his head. He still understands the power of a good old belly scratch and while he may let on otherwise, Scraggs loves nothing more than having fun time with the family. While he loves spending time with the family, Scraggs loves to meet new friends too and he would be delighted if you hang around and check out his latest adventures. Scraggs is always up to something or other so you won’t have too long to wait until he comes up with something else to look out for!

Scraggs the dog cartoon strip. Scraggs is dragging his owner out of bed to save his life. Actually he's just getting him up to go to work. But it's the same thing. Dog cartoon strip

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