Bring Your Thoughts And Ideas To Life With A Cartoon Dog Character…

Dog cartoons bring your ideas and thoughts to life and attract attention for your service or product…

When it comes to getting your business ideas or marketing activities across to the customer, you need to think about the best way to get great results. You may not feel as though you want to spend a lot of time thinking about your target market and finding the best way to engage with consumers but in the modern business world, this is essential. Finding out a bit more about your customers will help you to make better decisions on reaching them.

dog cartoon - cartoon of a dog carrying his holiday suitcase. He has sun glasses in his hand, the sun is shining in the background and he has a camera around his neck

Of course, you can make life easier by attempting to reach out to customers in a way that many will be happy with. No matter what your product is, there is a very good chance that you will be able to reach out to a core element of your intended target market by using a dog. This is because for many people, dogs are part of the family or a faithful companion. You only have to think of the famous toilet paper commercials that are based around the cuteness of dogs to understand that dog characters can get your message across. Toilet paper and dogs is not a combination that you instantly think of but as a marketing concept, it works greatly.

dog cartoons - cartoon of a husband and wife sat watching TV. There's a cartoon of a dog laid in comfort in his dog basket and dreaming of chasing a ball in a field that his owners have thrown for him

Think about your intended audience

This style of thinking can be used for your business and a cartoon dog character may be just the thing to get your product or service in front of the right people. It is important to remember that there are many different types of dogs and this is where using the right dog to reach your audience makes sense. If you are aiming at youngsters, having a fun and sassy dog is certain to tickle their funny bone and provide you with assistance in getting your family across.

If you have a family product, it is best to create a cartoon dog character that is found within the boundaries of home life and everything that goes along with it. Whether your dog is the smartest in the house or is the comedy character that pulls everyone together, a cartoon dog is often the focus that grabs attention and helps to get your point across.

bumper sticker - cartoon of dog. I love Holidays for dogs. Doggy cartoon, happy dog cartoon

Find the dog that is right for your product or service

No matter the product or message you have, there are different dogs to do so. You only have to compare the difference in tone, message and style of Marmaduke, the lead character in his own strip, and Gnasher, the faithful yet mischievous sidekick to Dennis The Menace. These two dogs are as different as dogs can be but their readers adore them and emphasise with them greatly. This indicates that no matter your product or service, and no matter who you are looking to reach out to, there will be a dog that reaches out to people in the manner that you intend.

It is best to get professional help when it comes to creating a cartoon dog character. While some people will think that it is an easy thing to do, it can be harder than you would think to capture the essence and personality of a dog. There are some dog cartoonists with great experience in this field and the quality and consistency of their work has only been developed over time. Fans of Scraggs The Dog love his crazy antics but when you consider that illustrator Richard Duszczak has been working on Scraggs for around twenty years, it becomes obvious that talent and an understanding of reaching out to people with this style of character can help.

Scraggs cartoon strip, cartoon dog is not moving one inch until his owner has scooped his poop. Scraggs the dog cartoon character has his arms folded. Poop on sidewalk/pavement.

This is why many people look to professionals like Richard for assistance when it comes to creating a cartoon dog character or indeed any sort of animal character. Reaching out to people with a loveable and mischievous pet is a great way for businesses to promote themselves or their message.

For the creation of cartoon dog characters or any cartoon characters call Richard on +44 1246 209034 or email

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