Scraggs cartoon strip – Exercising YOU and Your Dog!

Scraggs the dog cartoon strip about exerting both physically and mentally. Scraggs is running with his owner in the park. End up reading the newspaper as his owner fetches the ball. Dog cartoons, dog cartoon strip.

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Scraggs On Holiday In San Francisco!

Scraggs on holiday at the Golden Gate Bridge San Francisco with me(The bloke in the middle.) my wife and daughter.
Scraggs the dog cartoon on holiday in San Francisco at the Golden Gate Bridge

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Dog Breathe – Tell Me About It!

dog cartoon strip, Scraggs cartoon strip of him having his teeth brushed by his owner. In the last frame he suggest that his owner ought to do something about his garlic breathe

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Scraggs The Dog cartoon strip was born in 1995.

Scraggs was born in 1995 – here’s the sketches I sent the editor to choose from…The one circled is the one that I was asked to work up into colour.

cartoon dog Scraggs, dog cartoon sketches

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Scraggs was Born 1995

scraggs the dog cartoon logo
Scraggs was born in 1995 - that makes him 18 years old or 126 in doggy years! He has appeared monthly in Your Dog magazine ever since!


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